New Name for Coffee Shop

We started our new Subang shop since November 2019. It was like a new milestone for us and we like the idea of the expansion from our coffee truck to this new coffee shop. However, we have a different idea on how to run this little shop, which is to focus on serving specialty quality grade coffee and to promote the awareness of specialty coffee scene. With the different concepts between the shop and truck, hence different sets of menu and pricing as well. After a few months of running the shop and truck, we find the difficulty in explaining our different concepts of the truck and shop to our regular customers. To avoid the further confusion, we decided to change our shop name to Atap, by Pagi Coffee Co. New name, new brand and new direction in promoting top quality of specialty coffee, local craftsmanship, and artists. While keeping our Pagi Coffee Company for coffee catering services, events, and more!


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